Ongoing Decommissioning at Leadon

Latest News 7th August 2018

PDi Ltd is continuing to provide support to Maersk Supply Service which has recently commenced the 2018 offshore campaign for the ongoing decommissioning of the Leadon field subsea facilities.

So far, the bundles (maximum 51” OD) have been cut to allow recovery of the towheads and mid-line structure (MLS). The MLS North Pontoon (25Te) and the MLS Towhead (130Te) have been recovered and transferred to the quayside in Lerwick for decontamination and recycling/disposal before the vessel returned to the field to continue the recovery operations. Further recovery of Towhead-B (260Te) and 4 x Leadon XTs have also been completed since the vessel returned to the field.

PDi Project & Discipline Engineering teams have again been involved supporting Maersk Supply Service in all preparation work for the 2018 campaign, which is being executed on behalf of Total E&P UK (TEPUK), by Maersk Inventor.

PDi’s involvement in the decommissioning of Leadon stretches back to 2009 where PDi prepared the decommissioning programme for Maersk Oil, which was recently acquired by TOTAL.

The cutting of the bundles and recovery of the Towheads further demonstrates PDi’s capability to support subsea infrastructure decommissioning during all project phases.​

This article was published in Issue 33 of Decom News, produced by Decom North Sea.