PDi develops dynamic time-saving software - DynaFlex

Latest News 13th November 2015

PDi’s installation analysis engineering and software development teams have developed DynaFlex, a software that fully automates Orcaflex dynamic analysis.

The software has a user-friendly interface and can be used for all types of analyses including, but not limited to, rigid pipeline, flexible & umbilical installation analysis, structural deployment analysis, mooring analysis and in-place analysis.

This development means no time is needed on post-processing, and results are presented in a ready to use format, increasing the efficiency of the analyses and preventing mistakes in post-processing.

DynaFlex is a multithreading software with the ability to add and run an unlimited number of analyses. The software provides a table of allowable wave heights, based on the limits which are defined by the user, and can have an unlimited number of Orcaflex variables, with the values being extracted and reported.

The software has been written in C# and uses the OrcaFlex API to interface with OrcaFlex.

For more information about the software, contact software@pdi-ltd.com